Hear what our customers are saying about us:

"“South Waikato District Council invited the Interactionz team to do some work around redefining and revamping our Corporate Values with our entire organisation of some 140 staff. The team got great engagement and buy-in from just about everyone in our organisation, even the quiet ones who don’t usually participate. Watching our collective thoughts and ideas come together in real time pictures was fascinating. The more the team drew up on the board, the better the engagement got. We have laminated and mounted the original drawing on whiteboard and a number of staff have signed around the drawing as a frame. This was our way of cementing ownership of our Corporate Values."Kerry Fabrie, Communications Manager, South Waikato District Council
"“We were delighted with the contribution that Interactionz made to our conference. Not only are they incredibly skilled at what they do, synthesising information quickly and in a visually appealing way, they are a pleasure to deal with. They were professional, helpful, flexible and friendly, and added an extra dimension to the delegate experience. Thank you!”Gabrielle O'Brien - Executive Manager, ILANZ
""The members of The Hamilton Community Men’s Shed were impressed with the professionalism of the Interactionz team at their recent FOCUS planning session. We only had four hours to complete the process and this time was managed superbly with all present being able to contribute in meaningful ways. The graphic display unfolding as we progressed clearly demonstrated the way forward. We now have this displayed at the shed as both a reminder of strategic direction and as a communication device for members who weren’t present. Thank you Interactionz."John Smith - Secretary, Hamilton Community Men’s Shed
"“Our board and senior management at ConneXu carried out our annual strategic planning process with an eye to the long term future of the business. We used the Interactionz process FOCUS. I have led and been involved in strategic planning in very large billion dollar corporates, charities, and small businesses for 30 years...I have to say that, without question this is the best process I have ever been involved in. It covers off the critical aspects of business strategy and the illustrative process is an amazing and unique addition that is so powerful. After doing this I now believe all businesses should use the power of images and pictures to tell their story. Well done guys - brilliant”.Bob Weir - Chair, ConneXu Board
""Seed Waikato had the privilege of working with the Interactionz team at our Dreamshop event, and the Visualisation Services provided incredible value for our young people. We know people learn in different ways, and visualising the golden nuggets from our inspirational leaders was a great way to meet the needs of our community. The team was professional and worked well with our team."Gemma Major - Co-founder and Chair, Seed Waikato
""Interactionz facilitated our inaugural strategic summit for 30 people and provided a graphic recording of the process and outcomes. Their approach and the result couldn’t have been better. We came away with clarity, alignment and a brilliant image which successfully captured on one page where we’ve been, where we’re at, and where we want to go.

"It was...an innovative alternative to a tedious, lengthy and wordy document that few will read and even fewer will be inspired by."
Susan Houston - Executive Officer, Economic Development NZ
""The agreed goals are already being progressed and are already having ramifications in how we work. I’m confident that this will deliver a more aligned, efficient and effective economic development eco-system. If I could pick up a pen and draw an image of how we collectively thought of Interactionz it would look like this."

“We are very grateful for the excellent work that your good organisation has done for our workshop. [The team] were superb and delivered a very professional service that our workshop participants were really impressed with and greatly admired.”
Tiofilusi Tiueti – Chief Executive, PASAI (Pacific Association of Supreme Audit Institutions)
"“MAP is very effective as a planning tool, seeing our thoughts and words depicted graphically – I hadn’t seen that done before. It was great to visualise where we have come from and where we would like to go. It was also good to open up some hard conversation which as a result has led to working together as a team (even though it was a painful couple of days). I thought it was a valuable and meaningful exercise and so much better than screeds of paper we will never look at again. Our map is on the office wall and we all refer to it and discuss at our weekly meeting. All we want now is another session to really get down to the nitty gritty road map. Thanks for being great facilitators and coaching a plan out of us!”Jason Dawson – CEO, Hamilton Waikato Tourism
"“Thank you for working with us to create an illustration which simply and accurately reflects the complex drivers and multiple work streams of the Education Team.”Jenny Davis - Education Team, Waikato Regional Council
"“Thank you Ann-Marie and the team at Interactionz for the live illustration and incredible artwork that you created at our recent Corporate Health & Wellbeing summit. It was a great visual representation of the day, and all stakeholders of the event appreciated your hard work. It has been a pleasure working with you all, and I look forward to working with you again on our next event.”Cass Brownlow Davies - Corporate Partnerships Manager, ThinkTank Media
"“A fantastic process to propel BTW forward in the Waikato.

The first time I saw the Interactionz visualisation concept I quickly applied it in two local organisations including the BTW Waikato Branch office. I was very impressed with the suite of services Ann-Marie of Interactionz could offer BTW’s staff to guide their journey from a fresh faced 2018 start-up in the Waikato to a confident and cohesive team in 2020.

BTW Company’s professional services all hang off the Four Pillars of Survey, Engineering, Planning and Environmental Services…plus a strong focus on innovation and utilisation of the latest technologies.

It was impressive to witness the experience and skills applied by Interactionz to take the team from a focus on establishment issues to envisaging a shared future. Key actions were recorded in writing and with customised graphics. Seven months in, the journey map holds pride of place in our office reminding the whole team of our shared path forward together.

I recommend Interactionz to you for prompt performance, results and extraordinary value.”
Jason Cargo - Regional Manager (Waikato), BTW Company Ltd
"“The Te Waka team love working with Interactionz, we often host workshops with a large range of organisations which brings a lot of ideas and contributions. Having these visually recorded is a great way to report back and provide one view”Amy Van Garderen, Te Waka
"“We were so delighted to have Interactionz as part of our Sales & Marketing Kick Off. It’s only after we reflected on your beautiful illustrations that we realized how much we had to talk about! It was a jam packed couple of days with a lot of key messages that we needed the team to reflect on.

The outputs from your artists have been shared widely across the business and with our customers who attended the event. They are also fabulous ways in which we can reinforce our key messages in a visually appealing way. In particular the session with Mike King is one that’s not unique to Sales & Marketing but our business as a whole.

Personally I enjoyed working with you and the ability to contribute to your social enterprise in a meaningful way is fabulous.”
Liza Gunn - Head of Customer & Business Enablement, New Zealand Post