We capture your ideas and bring them to life, visually.

A picture paints a thousand words and enhances engagement, communication, clarity and recall. Visually communicating and displaying information in succinct and creative ways is the information carrier of the future. We take an idea, frame it in lines and well-placed squiggles, add a healthy dash of colour and voilà… the concept comes to life.

No matter how complex your message, we can illustrate your story and make it easier for people to see, understand and buy into an idea or vision. By choosing to work with Visually by Interactionz, you're also helping us to make an impact in communities across New Zealand.

We can support you to:
  • Illustrate your mission, vision or values
  • Bring your ideas to life
  • Enhance customer or team engagement
  • Grow traffic, customers or followers
  • Create memorable infographics
  • And a whole lot more
If you have an important message or story to tell about your business, we can help.

We've done work for:

  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • Community organisations
  • Councils
  • Local government
  • Boards
  • Executive teams
  • Sports teams
  • Key note speakers
  • And more…
“South Waikato District Council invited the Interactionz team to do some work around redefining and revamping our Corporate Values with our entire organisation of some 140 staff. The team got great engagement and buy-in from just about everyone in our organisation, even the quiet ones who don’t usually participate. Watching our collective thoughts and ideas come together in real time pictures was fascinating. The more the team drew up on the board, the better the engagement got. We have laminated and mounted the original drawing on whiteboard and a number of staff have signed around the drawing as a frame. This was our way of cementing ownership of our Corporate Values."Kerry Fabrie, Communications Manager, South Waikato District Council