By choosing to work with Visually, you're helping us to make an impact in communities across New Zealand.

Interactionz is a charity, we have a social purpose, and ours is to address the social problem that gets in the way of our vision - not all people have the same opportunities to access and be included in the life of their communities. We seek to solve this problem by facilitating opportunities that both help people explore and experience what they want from life, and contribute to building communities where all can thrive. We do this through providing Mentoring services to build capacity with individuals and Training services to build capacity and capability within community organisations. Our Visualisation services solve problems for businesses through a visual solution. When we achieve this social outcome, we also create social impact.

Interactionz is an Ākina accredited social enterprise and proud Fwd supplier. Supporting Visually by Interactionz, allows for subsidised rates and some pro bono work to individuals and community groups.
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