Live Illustration

Live IllustrationLive IllustrationLive Illustration
Benefits of Live Illustration:
  • Promotes high engagement and buy-in in a fun and creative way
  • Builds trust and transparency
  • Creates common understanding and a sense of ownership
  • Supports inclusion of even the quietest participants
Our visual recorders and illustrators work in ‘real’ time, creating a visual depiction of keynotes, workshops, meetings and events on large sheets of paper attached to the wall where everyone can see it evolve.

Science shows that visuals help people understand and buy-in to an idea or vision.

When you show off your content and create a more instinctive connection with your audience by using images, you’ll also be sure to keep them engaged and wanting more.

You’re left with a bright and colourful representation of what’s been said at your event – ready to decorate your walls. You get a digital version too so you can distribute your very useful communication tool.

Live Illustration Work:

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